Current Projects

Painting by Kenneth


  • 8.5 x 11 Flyer -- To be used as a marketing piece for current and future customer’s. Customer requested a design that illustrated before and after photos of  past projects. He also asked for it to have plenty of eye popping colors that would catch the viewers eye

    24” x 18” Lawn Sign -- The customer needed a 2-sided sign, 4-color sign was printed on white coroplast, that he could advertise at jobsites.
“Wow, the designs that MTR Graphics prepared for me were even better than I had invisioned. Now my company has that professional look and everything was done faster then expected alond with a price I could live with.”

Ken Haines -- Owner
Painting By Kenneth, Allandale, NJ

Sea OTT Swimming


  • Logo Design -- The company needed a logo that would help launch their new swim buiness. The customer requested we illustrate a sea otter from pics that were sent and also add a pair of swim glasses. We created several examples and then finalized. The logo was first going to be used for a line of swim gear, swim caps and sweat tops.

Jenn Ott -- Owner
SeaOtt Swimming, Rockaway, NJ

Terina Inc.


  • Label Designs -- 3 separate designs were created for a Corned Beef Can, Mackerel Can & a Energy Drink. Each label needed a logo created and also had specific design requirements, as well as a New overall look. Clean, crisp packaging designs were what the client requested.

Greg Obi -- Owner
Terina Inc., Gaithersburg, MD